How effective are drawstring bags for advertising your Brand?

Think drawstring bags can help your business? Consumers are overloaded with messages that make it difficult to see through the forest for all the trees. In reviewing a survey of responses to a promotional product survey, people who receive logo merchandise can remember it clearly because it is useful and the graphics are eye catching. They remember the details on the logo and because most use the item, they remember details of the logo product. What a great outcome for the advertiser of the promotional product campaign

The Numbers for drawstring bags

Over 75% recalled the advertiser, the promotional product and it’s message.
Promotional products are great forms of communication because they are usable and sometimes unique . A pen is a necessary tool but add a laser pointer or light to it and a logo and it becomes invaluable. First of all, college students need functional items like a drawstring backpack. Going to the gym or going to class or heading out to the library… Students need a something like a drawstring bags to hold books and work out clothes and notebooks, etc.. Promotional products are plentiful on a college campus and the work place. Recent survey results indicate:
• Over 90% had at least one promotional product in their kitchen
• 70%+ had at least one promotional item in their work area or office.
• Over 50% had one promotional product or more in their bedroom closet/
storage space. (t-shirts are great promotional tools)

The Conclusion

Use solid, statistics-and proven research to develop a promotional product
that delivers results to a  target audience: For example, If you are a gym or a school pick a unique promotional item like a drawstring bags with their  logo prominently displayed on it. People will act as a walking billboard and be proud of their school. They will quickly see a direct impact to their bottom line with a  impressive recall rate.
drawstring bags
Polyester drawstring bag that is water resistant and stylish