Drawstring Bags for your College

Logo drawstring bags or backpacks

We can help you build your brand by putting your logo on drawstring bags you give away or sell. Let your logo drawstring backpack sell your business for you. It is a walking billboard for your school or business

clear view drawstring bags
Great drawstring bag for events that require clear view of contents
drawstring bags
Polyester bag or that is water resistant and stylish. Put your logo on this drawstring bag and let it advertise for you.











TY Ink Promotions can logo these drawstring bags and backpacks so it is eye catching and sells your business or school. Need a backpack in polyester, cloth or see thru vinyl. TY Ink can handle it. Our design team can make your logo pop so it gets maximum value on the drawstring bag. We can help you find a breathable, microbe resistant bag for people who got to a gym or exercise class. looking for a lightweight book bag then contact TY Ink Promotions sales staff can help you out.

Great promotional item for colleges

Nothing is better than a walking billboard. Drawstring backpacks are worn by your target customers and they advertise for you. A promotional item can have a emotional attachment. “That’s my school bag” and you better not take it! It also gets other people talking about your college, your business or the event you are promoting. The beauty of promotional products is the brand identification of a item that you use every day.


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College Scholarships for Logo drawstring bags

Ask about our college scholarship program. Buy your college logo bags or backpacks and we’ll donate 3% to your scholarship program. It is easy to sign up for and easy to use. Contact TY Ink Promotions, tell them you want to sign up your college and start buying your college promotional items,

3% college scholarships for your schools purchase of logo  drawstring bags and  backpacks .http://tyinkpromotions.com/3-back-program/