Health Fair Marketing

Health Fair Marketing

Health Fair Marketing Is a great way for your company to promote a healthy lifestyle. Give great promotional items to motivate your valuable employees to excel ode and proper nutrition.

Planning a health Fair requires some planning and items that reinforce your company message about healthy living. Creating a marketing  plan that uses logos and tag line messaging will maximize your commitment to healthy lifestyles.

Need help with a graphic for healthy living. Use a full service promotional product company like TY Ink Promotions.  They have a full time graphic artist that will transform your words into pictures.  TY Ink has professional sales staff that will help meet your messaging and budget needs.  They have the latest cool stuff that will have people lining up at your booth to get it and your message on healthy lifestyles.  Here are some sample ideas of Health Fair Marketing.

Drawstring bags

everyone needs something to carry gym clothes to work. Eliminate the excuse of not having something to wear to workout by giving a cute drawstring bag. Put your logo and a tag line to sell working out it’s inexpensive and useful.

Sunglassses or sunscreen

Sunglasses state fair giveawaysPromote outside activities with things that protect the eyes or the skin. Logo eyewear promotes your company as you walk around. Looking for a useful inexpensive giveaway? Give sunscreen to employees for healthy tanning.


USB items

Give away a USB fan to cool off after a post lunch walk. They are great giveaways and everyone will want one. Use it as a prize to a lunch walking group. Put your logo on the base so everyone knows where they got it.

TY Ink Promotions can help with all your health Fair planning needs. Call them at 502.394.0802 and they will help you make your booth a big success and improve employee health and wellness.

College visit promotional items

Usb bracelets College visit promotional items

College visit promotional items

College visit promotional items can help close the sale for high school students. Make the most of a campus visit by giving away some logo merchandise.  Useful items with your logo imprinted an create a emotional bond with a high school student. A college t shirt can be the favorite shirt that is always a first wardrobe choice. It’s the drawstring backpack that is used every day.

Promotional Items sell

It is undisputed that promotional items sell. Have your admissions department buy College visit promotional items and it will pay great dividends. Put your logo on items you give to students on a college visit.  They will wear it, use it and show it to their friends and tell everyone about how great your college is and try to get them to attend.

TY Ink Promotions

TY ink Promotions is a  marketing firm that focuses on colleges and universities. They have many items that can help sell your school. Their experienced sales staff will find new, creative and useful items that will help sell your school. TY Ink has a college scholarship program for any school that is a client. 3% of all purchases is given back to the participating schools scholarship program.0

Cool College swag.

Try drawstring bags as a giveaway. It puts your logo in the eyes of everyone around the recipient. It  is  a inexpensive and effective giveaway item. Logo pens or hilighters are great giveaways.  Everyone likes free pens. Have a group of math and science students that you are targeting. Try some tech items like USB bracelets or USB hubs.  Other computer items include tech stickers that go on your keyboard keys or web cam covers. Web cam covers are a great security item for college students. Try College visit promotional items.

Usb bracelets College visit promotional items

5 uses for drawstring backpacks

5 uses for drawstring backpacks

5 uses for drawstring backpacks

5 uses for drawstring backpacks is easy list to make. If you were given a drawstring backpacks at a college fair, then here’s five good ways to use it. Drawstring backpacks are as useful as they are stylish. They are light weight, easy to keep clean  and usually has some neat graphics on it. Here’s a list o 5 uses for drawstring backbacks,

1. Take it to the gym. Drawstring bags are great for the gym. They can hold work out clothes and do not weigh you down. Many drawstring backpacks  are made of nylon mesh bacteria resistant materials. They are easy to clean. Just throw it in the wash and it’s like new.

2. Take it to class. Another of the 5 uses for drawstring backpacks is to carry school books. Put pens, notebooks, calculators or your lunch in and drawstring bag. I think is lighter than a traditional backpack and usually has your school logo on it. Show your school pride by wearing your logo on you right back. All your fellow student students will notice and want a drawstring bag too.

3. Use it as a purse. Put a billfold, makeup, keycard and anything you need for the day in a drawstring bag. Presto, it is a substitute purse. Worried about the weather ruining that name brand purse. Use a drawstring bag in its place. Match your outfit to the color or mix and match with complimentary clothing. Drawstring bags fill adequately for a purse when you need something to carry your stuff.

4. Take it to work. Put your laptop or lunch in a drawstring backpack. It is a lot lighter than a backpack and can be easily placed under a desk or in a drawer. It won’t interfere with your legroom and can carry things easily to work.

5. Use it a picnic or concert. Pack some snacks or a blanket for a nice day outside. It’s a great way to carry things to a public venue.

You can come up with more than 5 uses for a drawstring backpacks.

5 uses for drawstring backpacks

5 uses for drawstring backpacks


Cool college swag

Cool college swag is a must for administrators who are trying to attract good students. Create a strategy that identifies and woos the best students for your college. College enrollment fairs, campus visits, college camps for math, sciences, writing and athletics are all focused on the best students. Cool college swag is a important component of these events because they create a bond that ties students to your school.


Camps are great events for college recruiting. Students visit the campus and see the facilities usually in summertime. It creates a sense of belonging that is conducive to pointing the student to attending that college. Providing written  material is always a good idea but cool college swag is a better idea. A T shirt with college logos and colors gives the student a wearable item that they will take back to high school and advertise to their friends.  Other items that will help sell your school are drink ware, caps, pens and markers. Each item can be imprinted with logo which they will use at home. At high school and when studying. It’s a great way to recruit students

College Fairs

Admissions counselors need to have plenty of materials to answer questions, direct people to websites and help entice students to enroll in their schools. Cool college swag is essential to these events. Having cool, useful and coveted items will increase your foot traffic at your booth.

TY Ink Promotions is a promotional product company that’s focuses on college of all sizes and helps create a advertising program. They sell logo clothing, cups, mugs, pens, tech items and much more. Experienced selling professionals assist the colleges to find creative and useful items that will help attract students to your booth. They also have graphic artist that will create a virtual sample for you to see how your logo look so on he product in scale.

Cool college swag

Budget Advertising

Budget advertising carabiner hilighter Cool stuff for college recruiting

Budget advertising is important for small business and budget minded colleges. You want to find creative, memorable, items that your target customers will see everyday. Promotional items are a effective low cost way to brand a organization with clients. Make the most of your advertising budget wth low cost, useful promotional items

Tech Tattoos

A creative idea to put your logo on something your clients use everyday. Everyone has a computer and use it most every day. Tech tattoos put your logo and a sticker that is placed on letter keys, the enter or space key. The sticker has your logo, mascot or initials that remind your client of your business or college. It is product placement advertising putting you in front of people who donate or buy from your business or school. Very inexpensive and very effective budget advertising.

Pens / Hilighter markers

Budget advertising carabiner hilighter Cool stuff for college recruitingPut your logo on a pen or hilighter and give your potiential customers a ad that they will use at work, home or school. Logo graphics, phone numbers or addresses fit easily in the imprint space on a writing instrument. You find a multi use pen with features like multi color ink, laser pointers or stylus and you have a emotional attachment to something with your name on it. Pens are great at promotional items

More expensive promotional items can be effective if you have a very targeted group like college alumni. Pick a small group of successful alumni from your college department and make a pitch with a gift. The logo will remind them of the school and the usefulness of the item will create a bond as well.  Pick from a wide variety of item  from TY Ink Promotions. Their graphic artist can freshen up your logo and the experienced sales staff will help you pick out creative items. Meeting a fixed budget, no problem for the TY Ink Promotions sales staff.

State Fair giveaways

Cool college swag

State fair giveaways

State fair giveaways will increase foot traffic at your booth. Pick a useful item that people will want to take. Drawstring bags are inexpensive, show your logo clearly and are a draw for crowds. Put your printed material inside for added impact. Use bright colors and a contrasting logo Ink to clearly show your information.

More giveaways

Here is a list of great State fair giveaways.

Pens / pencils. People love free pens. Put your logo on a pen and watch it generate sales lead for years.  Go to and find 1000’s of pens to choose from for your State fair giveaways

Rulers / Fans. Something familiar usually works at a state fair. Give away a ruler or yard stick. It’s a useful item people will stop at your booth to get. It measures up as a great fair giveaways. Fans are great for hot weather areas. People will walk around waving your logo.

Sunglasses state fair giveawaysSunglasses. Your sales staff will have a bright state fair with all the leads generated from logo sunglasses. It will keep the sun out of your customers eyes but still be a bright future for your company.

Tech Products. USB items printed with your company logo are great State fair giveaways. The best USB devices have fans, or lights. It will be looked at every day by your potiential customers. USB bracelets are another great tech item. Stylish bracelet that pulls apart to reveal a usb port that can hold data. Techies love items like this usb bracelet,

Drawstring backpacks. Another great family item for the next state fair. Pick a bright color and imprint your logo on the back. It is inexpensive, large size for logo placement and a great giveaway. let your customers wear your ad on their back.

mesh gym drawstring bag
Drawstring bags are great for state fair giveaways

Cool stuff for college recruiting

Cool stuff for college recruiting

Cool stuff for college recruiting.

Do you really need Cool stuff for college recruiting top students. The answer is yes. Print media and a online web presence provide details about your college for prospective students. Promotional products help anchor a emotional bond with a school. My logo drawstring backpack shows “my college” for everyone I know. Don’t touch it or your dead! A brochure won’t get that reaction. Pens cups, tech gadgets or any useful item with your logo imprinted on it will evoke loyalty. You need Cool stuff for college recruiting.

Cool promotional items require a creative mind who knows what works and how to keep your budget in control. Imagine that the cool stuff you buy results in your school getting a scholarship donation. Would that look good to the department chair or college administrator you are trying to impress. Contact TY Ink Promotions and you will get both. TY Ink has a experienced staff that searches for creative Cool stuff for college recruiting. They can work with a budget and make sure you achieve the look and have a effective advertising campaign. TY Ink Promotions offers a college scholarship program to their college customers. It’s a great deal.

The Cool  Stuff

USB ports. Get a multi port USB hub with your logo printed on top. It will be a useful item that not only your target student will want but one that all his friends will see and covet. Good students have friends that are good students

carabiner hilighter Cool stuff for college recruitingLogo highlighters. Give away a set of multicolor high lighters with your school logo on the side. They will use it every day and other student s will see your logo. Two for one is a great idea for a marketing budget.


Go to and sign up your college for the scholarship program today. Buy your promotional items and get a scholarship donation for your school.

College Marketing for high school freshman

Cool college swag

College Marketing for high school freshman

College marketing for high school  freshman is a important way to re ruin top students. The branding for college marketing is aiming to engage students early in high school. The approach is multi media and takes varied and grassroots appeal.


Market your school through your athletic department. Athletic success can impact enrollment numbers. Have a championship team and more student stats know about your school. it is a proven fact successful athletics = successful college marketing. The University of Louisville uses a athletic rivalry to engage future students. Billboards around Lexington proudly proclaim “U of L is miles ahead” to dig at rival fans of U of K. It also is a effective print ad and can help college marketing for high school freshman.

College Camps

Use summer camps to attract high school students to visiting your school. Promote non-major sports to teach high school students about these sports and show the attendees about the school. Staff it with students and you can testify to your schools greatness, Promote math and science students through technical camps to attract smart high school students. Kentucky has a scholar program that has elite student students attend programs at small private schools like Centre College to earn a Governor’s scholar award. The program promotes the colleges in the state. It’s a win-win proposition for high school juniors and the states colleges. Great college marketing for high school freshman.

College Swag 

Put your college logo on items given away to high school students is very effective. Chess clubs, academic teams, math competitions, language clubs are all fertile grounds for future collegians. Give t shirts, Pens, cups, mugs or whatever to high schoolers involved in activities that are not always given monetary support can build relationship so with students that result in increased enrollment.

Contact TY Ink promotions about how you can pick effective college promotional items.  They have 1000’s of College promotional items to choose for college marketing.

College Marketing for high school freshman Led lights

Employee Appreciation Swag

Cool college swag knives

Employee Appreciation Swag

In charge of getting Employee Appreciation Swag? Need fresh ideas so you don’t let the boss down? Go to TY Ink Promotions and get professional help. TY Ink Promotions can help with your old logo because they have professional graphic artists on staff. Pick great Employee Appreciation Swag for your next company event.  Here are five items to consider.

LED Flashlight

Try a useful item like a aluminum LED flashlight. Great safety item for the home, office or factory floor. Fits easily in pockets, purse, desk drawer or car glovebox. Try some Employee appreciation swag that will illuminate the company picnic



Employee Appreciation Swag KnivesPocketknives are great employee appreciation swag to give out to your valued associates. These knives have two blades, scissors, toothpick and tweezers. They come in a variety of colors and your logo can be imprinted in a visible location. Give a useful item for any employee, male or female, office or production.


2017 colllege promotional items ear budsGive  a logo box of earbuds to your employees so they can listen to music without bothering their coworkers. It’s a inexpensive tech gift that all employees want and will use. Comes in many colors and your logo can be imprinted on the top of the box.


Dont be looked at with scorn because you pick awful gifts that make employees hate the boss. It’s your boss too, make them look good by picking items any employee want to receive.  Go to Ty Ink Promotions for a wide selection of great employee appreciation gifts. Clothing with embroidered logos or screen printed shirts is no problem. Need caps to hand out. TY INk Promotions has 1000’s of choices to chose a cool looking cap. Logo pens or pencils? Tape measures or conversion charts? Any promotional item you can think of is easily found at

2017 College Promotional Items

2017 College Promotional Items
Technology promotional items remain a popular and fast-growing marke Ingram category. Items like Smart phone stands, screen cleaners, phone cases,  USB chargers and phone wallets are great for college alumni gifts Hera are some standout for 2017 College Promotional Items.

Collegiate Logo on Phone Stand

2017 college promotional itemsThe Logo-Blox (TM) Phone Stand will provide strong visibility for your brand. Match school colors with the plastic and silkscreen imprint is great for school pride.  Try this great idea for a 2017 College promotional items.


2017 colllege promotional items ear budsLogo Ear Buds – Ear buds are a popular item for college students and make a great pitch for your school. Items used everyday are great promotional items.

Great ideas for college events include open houses, campus tours, welcome week giveaway, or student organization fair. Put this on your list of 2017 College promotional items.
Tech Tattoos – Logo stickers for your devices. Put your logo on stickers for mobile devices and laptops. Multiple stickers on one sheet to decorate all of your devices.  Easy to remove decals are a great way to personalize your gadgets!  These vinyl decals will remove without leaving behind the adhesive.. Give these to prospective Students by inserting into direct mail pieces or give at open houses. 

USB bracelets. Make a fashionable bracelet with your college logo on it indispensable by adding a memory device to it. MAtch your school colors and it will bring back school memories and hopefully donations back to their college. It reminds them of the  impact the school makes and makes it easy to answer the call for school donations.

Use TY Ink Promotions and take advantage of their college scholarship program. 3% of your purchases are given back to your school’s scholarship program. They are a College focused business that specialize in helping schools find neat and creative promotional items.